Johan to score Norway's 'King of Devil's Island'

AUGUST, 2010. Johan is currently working on the upcoming Norwegian drama King of Devil's Island (Kongen av Bastøy), directed by Marius Holst (Cross My Heart and Hope to Die, Dragonfly) and starring Stellan Skarsgård, Benjamin Helstad and Kristoffer Joner. The film is a period piece, taking place at a boys home in the early 20th century, and the story tells the story about a new inmate who leads an uprising against the brutal regime.

Johan finishes work on 'Limbo'

JULY, 2010. Limbo, a Norwegian feature film starring Bryan Brown, Lena Endre and Line Verndal, is currently being prepared for its September 10 release and Johan has just put the finishing touches on the score. The film is directed by Maria Sødahl.

'Earth Made of Glass' docu opens at Tribeca

APRIL, 2010. Earth Made of Glass is a documentary that takes place in the wake of the Rwandan genocide. The film just had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. It is directed by Deborah Scranton and features a sensitive score by Johan.

'Let the Right One In' 2nd best score of the decade

JANUARY, 2010. Johan Söderqvist's score for Let the Right One In was singled out as one of the ten best scores of the first decade of the new millennium by UK film magazine Empire. In fact, the score was the second best according to the glossy publication, second only to the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire.

Johan nominated for the EFA

NOVEMBER, 2009. We are happy to announce that Johan has been nominated for his second European Film Award. In competition with Alberto iglesias, Alexandre Desplat and Jacob Groth, Johan is up for the award for 'Best European Composer' for Let the Right One In. The European Film Academy hosts the awards ceremony in Bochum, Germany, on December 12. Johan received his first EFA nomination in 2005, for Brothers.

New projects with Bier and US docu filmmaker

SEPTEMBER, 2009. Johan is looking forward to a busy autumn working on the music for Susanne Bier's new Danish drama starring Ulrich Thomsen, Trine Dryholm and Mikael Persbrandt, Hämnden. He is also going to compose the original score for an American documentary, directed by Deborah Scranton (The War Tapes) about the Rwandan genocide in 1994.

Johan wins the Norwegian 'Amanda' Award

AUGUST, 2009. We are excited to announce that Johan Söderqvist just won the Norwegian Amanda Award for his Troubled Water score. Erik Poppe's film was nominated in several categories and won two awards, the other one for 'Best Editing'.

Music by Johan featured in 'Public Enemies'

JULY, 2009. One of Johan's compositions, "After the Shooting," from the Things We Lost in the Fire soundtrack has been licenced for use in Michael Mann's current box office hit Public Enemies, starring Johnny Depp. Have a listen to the cue here!

'Let the Right One In' score wins Chainsaw Award

JULY, 2009. Fangoria Magazine's Chainsaw Award for "Best Score" 2008 went to Johan Söderqvist and Let the Right One In! The film won a total of four out of nine Chainsaw Awards! You can purchase the soundtrack album here.

'Let the Right One In' continues to impress

APRIL, 2009. Johan's score for Let the Right One In continues to impress reviewers and audiences around the world. The score recently won the Bernard Herrmann Award for Best Score at the Cyber Horror Awards, the first and only horror film awards decided by the online horror community. Spanish film music web site BSO Spirit nominated the score for its GoldSpirit Award (vote here!), MovieMusic UK nominated the score for their annual 'Best Score: Fantasy, Science Fiction or Horror" award, and genre magazine Fangoria included it in their nominations for the 2009 Chainsaw Awards (go here to vote!). Also, Cinefantastique has announced its first annual recognition of the highest achievement in fantasy films, horror movies, and science fiction cinema, The Wonder Awards. Let the Right One In received a total of six nominations, including one for best music!

Johan to score German feature 'Tannöd'

APRIL, 2009. Johan's next project is a German feature film entitled Tannöd, directed by Bettina Oberli and produced by Wüste Film, Constantin Film and Hugo Film. The crime drama stars Julia Jentsch, Volker Bruch and Monica Bleibtreu and is scheduled to open in Germany in November.

'Together' opens to rave reviews

JANUARY, 2009. Norwegian drama Together ("Sammen") opened on January 23 and has received a lot of critical acclaim. Find more information about the film on the official web site, and go the Together page to listen to some of Johan's score, which features hardingfela solos by Daniel Sandén-Warg.

'Let the Right One In' nominated to IFMCA Award

JANUARY, 2009. The International Film Music Critics Association has nominated Johan's score for Let the Right One In for its 'Best Original Horror/Thriller Score" Award. The soundtrack album is a hit among reviewers, Ain't It Cool News recently published its top 10 favorite soundtracks of 2008 and Let the Right One came in at 4th place!

'Let the Right One In' among top-10 scores 2008

DECEMBER, 2008. Veteran soundtrack critic Daniel Schweiger has just revealed his top-10 soundtracks of 2008. Johan Söderqvist's score for Let the Right One In, released by MovieScore Media in November, comes in as #6, described by the writer as a score that "weds the youthful lyricism of To Kill a Mockingbird with the full-blooded horror of Dracula".

'Let the Right One In' soundtrack available

NOVEMBER, 2008. MovieScore Media has released Johan's score for Let the Right One In on CD and online. For more information, please visit the label's web site here! The film has received very enthusiastic reviews, just have a look here! More info about the film here!

Johan to score Zentropa's 'Daniel'

NOVEMBER, 2008. Johan Söderqvist has been hired to compose the original score for yet another Danish film, Zentropa's new drama Daniel, directed by Morten Giese. This is his first feature film as a director - he is one of Denmark's finest film editors who worked extensively with acclaimed director Per Fly (Arven and The Bench) among others. Daniel is a youth drama scheduled to premiere in Denmark on February 20, 2009.

'The Unseen' scoops rave reviews

AUGUST, 2008. Erik Poppe's new film, The Unseen (De usynlige), has been receiving a lot of critical acclaim. The director is being compared to Ingmar Bergman and Lars von Trier, and Verdens Gang, who dubs the film 'a masterpiece' describes the music in the film as 'music that does not only support the film, but widens the perspective monumentally.'

Johan to score Norwegian film 'Sammen'

AUGUST, 2008. Johan has signed on to score yet another Norwegian feature film (Erik Poppe's The Unseen premieres in September). The new film is entitled Sammen ('Together') and is written and directed by Matias Armand Jordal and stars Fridtjov Såheim.

'Let the Right One In' wins multiple awards

AUGUST, 2008. Let the Right One In has won an impressive slate of awards lately, among them the Founders Award for Best Narrative Feature at the Tribeca Film Festival, the Rotten Tomatoes Critical Consensus Award at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, and the Best European/North - South American Film Award at the Fant-Asia Film Festival. Read more about the Tribeca award here! Let the Right One In premieres theatrically in Sweden on October 24 and the USA on the same date. The soundtrack album will be announced shortly.

Johan records score for German feature 'Effi'

AUGUST, 2008. Johan recently recorded his score for German feature Effi, Constantin Film's film version of the classic Theodor Fontane novel Effi, directed by Hermine Huntgeburth (The White Massai). Starring Julia Jentsch (Sophie Scholl: The Final Days) and Sebastian Koch (The Lives of Others), the film is scheduled to come out later this year. Johan returned to Bratislava to record the score with the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra, who also performs Let the Right One In. An Effi soundtrack album is in the works.

Johan wins Film Sound Sweden Award

APRIL, 2008. Johan was recently awarded the "Ljudvågen" award by Film Sound Sweden (The Swedish Cinema Audio Society). "He is a composer who is full of surprises and always creates music which is in harmony with each film. This can be heard in Let the Right One In and Things We Lost In the Fire, and therefore he is awarded this year's Ljudvågen", the jury said.

'Let The Right One In' wins in Göteborg

FEBRUARY, 2008. Let the Right One In, Tomas Alfredson's film version of John Ajvide Lindqvist's bestselling horror novel, won the top honour at the Göteborg Film Festival, the Nordic Film Award, and also the Kodak Nordic Vision Award for Best Cinematography. The film was also shown at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam where it was voted one of the ten most popular films by the festival audience. Johan Söderqvist recorded his orchestral score with Slovak National Symphony Orchestra in Bratislava. A score album is in the works. Watch the film trailer here.

Johan scores new film by Erik Poppe

JANUARY, 2008. Johan Söderqvist has just begun work on a new film directed by award-winning Norwegian director Erik Poppe (Hawaii, Oslo). The title of the film is De usynlige (The Invisible) and it's scheduled to open in September.

'Things We Lost In The Fire' opens in the US

OCTOBER, 2007. Susanne Bier's Things We Lost in the Fire, starring Halle Berry, Benicio del Toro and David Duchovny, opens theatrically in the US on October 19. Produced by DreamWorks Pictures and distributed by Paramount Pictures, the film premieres on 1,142 screens all over the country. Johan collaborated with Argentinian composer Gustavo Santaolalla, the Academy Award-winning composer of Babel and Brokeback Mountain. Industry publication Film Music Weekly featured an article on the project.

Thomas Vinterberg's 'A Man Comes Home'

OCTOBER, 2007. Working for another of Denmark's finest filmmakers, Thomas Vinterberg (The Celebration, Dear Wendy), Johan recently scored comedy A Man Comes Home, starring Thomas Bo Larsen, Oliver Møller Knauer, Ronja Mannov Olesen and Helen Reingaard Neumann. The film takes place in a small provincial town which buzzes with excitement in anticipation of the return of its most famous son, a renowned opera singer. Vinterberg has previously worked with composers such as Zbigniew Preisner and Benjamin Wallfisch.

Johan scores award-winning documentary

OCTOBER, 2007. The Monastery: Mr Vig and the Nun, a Danish feature length documentary by Pernille Rose Grönkjaer, won the the IDFA festival in Amsterdam, which is considered to be the biggest documentary film festival in the world. The film was also nominated to the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, where it was shown in the ”World cinema competition/Documentary” section. The film is also nominated to a European Film Award. As you probably have gathered by now, the film features an original score by Johan Söderqvist!

'After the Wedding' Oscar-nominated

MARCH, 2007. Johan recently composed and recorded the original score for Susanne Bier's After the Wedding, which was nominated to an Academy Awards’ Best Foreign Film category. Susanne Bier was nominated to the European Film Award for best direction. The score CD is available from Milan Records.

’Give Me Love’ premieres

AUGUST, 2006. Daniel Fridell’s new film with a score by Johan Söderqvist and Ole Vik, Give Me Love, opened in Swedish theatres under its Swedish title Säg att du älskar mig, on August 25, 2006.

Johan wins UCMF Award in Cannes

MAY, 2006. The Union of Film Music Composers (UCMF) handed out its first Film Music Award to Johan Söderqvist at the Cannes Film Festival on May 21. Johan won his award for the score to Susanne Bier's acclaimed film Brothers, in competition with composers such as Rolfe Kent and Thomas Newman.

Johan scores American-Swedish co-production

MAY, 2006. Walk the Talk, an American-Swedish co-production written and directed by Matthew Allen and starring Cary Elwes, Katie Cassidy and Evan Ellingson was recently scored by Johan Söderqvist. Photos from the recording of the score is available at the web site of the Royal Swedish Opera Orchestra, who recorded the score.

'Brothers' nominated to European Film Award

JANUARY, 2006. The original score Johan Söderqvist composed for Susanne Bier’s acclaimed drama Brothers was nominated to the European Film Award for Best Original Score.